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There is no fuss about these terms, cryptocurrency or crypto is a form of digital currency, people use their real money to buy a cryptocurrency and then use this digital money to buy goods or services online, however, blockchain is a technology that is used in cryptocurrency to save or record transactions of individuals and parties, allowing them to deal directly with each other without involving any third person.
QZKCoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that is powered by Qazeek Pay, it enables a payment system for people around the globe, from a user perspective it is digital money more like cash for the internet, which can be used online.

QZKCoin is created by Hafiz Nayyar Khurshid, he is the Founder and CEO of this project, he is currently running a fintech company in the United Kingdom, he also owns other businesses including a SiteDesk (Software House), Qazeek Enterprises, and Qazeek Online Solution Pvt. Ltd.

QZKCoin is an open-source cryptocurrency that is built on a decentralized blockchain technology, where every transaction is recorded and stored permanently in a blockchain ledger, the recorded transaction can not be changed or edited.
Yes, QZKCoin is a newly launched cryptocurrency, it was launched in June 2021, and is going very well, there is no central authority involved in this cryptocurrency.
Yes, QZKCoin cryptocurrency is tradeable, people can trade it for other benefits.
People can start investing in QZKCoin with an initial investment of as low as $1, however, if you are willing to invest a large sum, you are welcome.
QZKCoin cryptocurrency provides benefits for the general public, investors, and businessmen, such benefits are:
  • People can use QZKCoin to buy or sell anything on the internet.
  • People can invest in QZKCoin to enjoy its long-term benefits because its supply and market cap is currently low.
  • People can pay their employees salaries in QZKCoin, setting a new trend.
  • Unlike banking systems, people can make online transactions globally using QZKCoin without any credit limit imposed, or without visiting any office, all the transactions will be secured and instant.
  • People can invest in QZKCoin as their digital assets and once its value reaches new heights they can use it wherever they need.
  • QZKCoin cryptocurrency has a lower inflation risk due to the blockchain technology behind it, people can invest in it without worrying about it as a scam because blockchain technology is not going to face its bottleneck.
  • QZKCoin cryptocurrency uses a mainnet framework that ensures its authenticity and makes it the best option to invest in for long-term benefits.
QZKCoin can be used in many ways, such as:
  • QZKCoin can be used for purchasing and selling.
  • QZKCoin can be used for e-commerce and business transactions.
  • Traders can trade QZKCoin for long-term benefits.
QZKCoin is based on a concept called proof-of-work , this concept is used widely in the mining process of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.
QZKCoin is listed on two exchanges Dex-Trade and Koinbazar, people can buy it directly from these exchanges, all they have to do is transfer their real money into these exchanges, and buy QZKCoin for USDT, BTC, or any other option available.
Yes, QZKCoin is totally safe to invest in because of the decentralized blockchain technology where every transaction is recorded safely in the blockchain ledger, in simple words you can say that other than profit and loss there is no scam in QZKCoin cryptocurrency.

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QZKCoin is way more different than any fiat currency because there is no centralized authority involved in it, unlike fiat currency, QZKCoin is a digital currency and it is not published by any state, it is created through mining which requires heavy computational systems to solve complex mathematical puzzles.
QZKCoin has a strong social media community, where the team shares all the latest updates about it and answers all the queries asked by the general public.
Yes, QZKCoin has a very active telegram community where people share their experiences about investing in QZKCoin, people also ask questions on the telegram about QZKCoin and they are warmly welcomed there, here is the link to QZKCoin Telegram Group: QZKCoin Official.
Yes, people can easily access the whitepaper of QZKCoin through clicking Whitepaper.
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