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CEO Message
‘QZKCoin is a blockchain-based project to empower the future of this world, as a crypto expert I believe that cryptocurrency is going to lead the future and if you want to stand out in the future race you should be willing to take a ride full of risks which in return will bestow you with high rewards’

Who we are

Qazeek is the best achievement by Qazeek Team who are working day & night at this company. 2020 was the year in which Qazeek was converted from thoughts into reality. We registered this company in Pakistan in the year 2020 and United Kingdom in 2021. We are already registered in both markets and applied for the license. Professionals make the company’s worth so; we have a team of professionals who are masters in their field. We do have an office-based team of well experienced in Technicalities and Marketing. We are all set to provide a Payment gateway along with Payment management services but we are waiting for the license. As soon as we’ll have a license, we provide all the services, and the client’s trust is our priority.

Our Mission

Throwback to the beginning of this idea: we had started this coin to generate the payment from it and invest in licensing and other activities. The major problem was we need huge capital for the payment gateways and we need to collaborate with many companies. And QZKcoin powered by Qazeek Pay will be the source of our income generation and we are seeing this coin at the hype in the crypto field.

Our vision

We have listed in Koin Bazar and started trading from July 2021. We are going to list ourselves in Coinmarketcap.com & coingecko.com at the end of July. QZKcoin.com aims to provide awareness to the highly-populated and unaware countries like Pakistan, India and etc. so that we can capture their markets and guide their young and passionate influencers as the professionals of the UK market. We have a goal to list on DEX-Trade and Catex.IO in august 2021. The whitepaper will be presented in October or November 2021. We encouraged ourselves to list on different financial markets like BITMART, KUCOIN and etc. at the end of 2021.

Our Goals

Starting with the problem which makes us think about this Qazeek Pay : PayPal is a payment gateway but it does have some flaws like they can block your account without any reason if you have a huge balance in your account. We aim to list ourselves in maximum exchanges for making links with the trusted and professional companies. We are struggling to make ourselves capable of listing us in Binance and soon we’ll be listed in there. Providing better services is something which makes us dedicated for this project and we’ll surely make our payment gateway far better than others.

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Dear Customers Due To Switching QZKCoin From MainNet To BSC.
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Note : No swapping claim will be accepted against “DEX-Trade” Purchasing after 22-11-2021. Purchasing of QZKCoins before 22-11-2021 will be swapped.

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